Educate & Plant: Empowering 400 Bolivian women on their path to entrepreneurship

This project empowers families and espacially women in rural Bolivia to start small businesses by planting tara trees. The families are educated on subjects such as health, nutrition and entrepeneurial actions. Through enabling them to generate a stable income for their families by growing and harvesting the tara plants, womens' role in rural Bolivia is strengthened.


Rural Bolivia is characterized by strong patriarchal structures: Women only have a say in 2 % of the socially relevant decisions [HSI, 2014] and illiteracy is widely spread among females. Income is usually not perceived to be mutually generated in families so that in most cases, only men get to decide about property. In addition to this general discrimination, 70 % of women fall victim to physical, sexual or psychological assault making rural Bolivia the most badly affected in all Latin America.

Entrepreneurship as empowerment

This project works on strengthening the womens' role in rural Bolivian society by providing education and a basis for women to generate a stable family income. Both women and men are schooled together to work hand in hand in order to build small family businesses. The families are provided with material as well as knowledge to start growing tara trees which are indigenous plants suited for the dry Bolivian climate. The tara seeds can be sold for use in manufacturing leather or food supplements. For deeper insights check our factsheet.

Where can I contribute?

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How else can I help?

We cannot achieve our goals without the passion and the hard work that the people in Micani put in to build a better future for themselves and their children. But in order to assist the families on this journey, we also need your help:

1. Send an email to co-workers, friends and family.
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Thank you so much!

Plant the seeds of hope!
Somebody's once in a lifetime investment - 60$ can provide a family in Micani with enough tara seedlings to start a small family business.